What Works (Week 1)

Florida man robbed, killed after online dateĀ 

(I think the story first broke here.)

I initially clicked on this story because I have noticed that there are always interesting or strange news stories that come out of Florida. I also was drawn to the mention of the robbery and murder happening after an online date. I think that it is SEO friendly because it is such a specific story. I accidentally exited the page and I only had to use four or five words to find dozens of articles about the story.

I think that the story uses a narrative lead because instead of diving straight into the murder/robbery issue, it focuses on the online dating aspect of the story. I think that is what draws you into the story because it seems like something that would be on a dramatized crime show. The victim was a “good guy” character looking for love and was brought to his demise by a coldhearted woman.

This story uses the victim’s brother, a certified matchmaker and a chief deputy as sources.

To add value to the story, I think it would be interesting to have an infographic or chart showing similar crimes that have occured as online dating has gained popularity over the years.


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