Dream Pitch

acquaintance rape from the perspective of the victim and the attacker


You invite your platonic male friend over to hang out one night and everything is going great. You two are laughing and enjoying each other’s company. As the night progress, he becomes more and more touchy, but you ignore them because he’s your friend. Before you know it he has forced himself on you and your friendship is changed forever.

People seem to be fascinated with the minds of serial killers or people that commit crimes that grab national attention. A victim of acquaintance rape almost becomes obsessed with the mind of their attacker and often times the attacker refuses to hear the victim.

I want to focus the story on interviewing a rape victim and attacker and have them both retell the events of the attack. I then want them both to describe what was going through their minds. I want to interview an attacker believes they didn’t commit a crime and point out  moments where the victim was not giving consent. I think that this story would be strengthened by audio or video from both interviews. I want the reader to hear the crack in the victim’s voice and the confusion in the attacker’s voice.

I also want to back up my story with more information about the effects of acquaintance rape from the professional standpoint of a therapist or counselor. I want to show statistics and provide support information for anyone that needs it.

I want to pursue this story because I think there is still a lot of shame and stigma surrounding sexual assault by a friend. I want to explore the mind of a person that does this. Most importantly, I think that victims deserve the opportunity to tell their attacker what they did to them unapologetically and without any interruptions.


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