What Works (Week 2)

New Emojis Defy Gender Stereotypes, Apple Makes Effort to Empower Young Women

The story first broke on Apple’s site here.

I thought that this story was interesting because I know that people voice their opinions about equality and diversity, but I never thought that extended to something as insignificant as emojis. However, I know that that matters to some people and I am happy to know that Apple listens to their customers.

The story uses a narrative lead because this is not a hard news story, it is more of a conversational story that you would mention to your friends. I think that because it combines a tech aspect with a social issue that it draws the reader in from the headline alone.

The story uses Apple’s company website as a direct source and Apple has their own news blog to update consumers directly.

The story mentions statistics and examples of new emojis, I think to further add value to this story, it would be nice to get video reactions from the demographic that this change will be impacting.


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