What Works (Week 4)

N.J. kindergartner found with 29 packets of heroin in lunch box

I heard this story on the radio one morning and it shocked me for several reasons. How did the child get it in the first place and why so much? I know they can’t release information about the child specifically but what were the parents doing? How did 30 packets of heroin wind up in the child’s lunchbox between when he or she left home and arrived at school?

The situation is still being investigated so the answers to those questions have yet to be answered but this could have been a really tragic story if the teacher had just ignored the student. This story brings up issues of school security, possibly child neglect or endangerment and just how easy it is for young children to have access to dangerous drugs.

The writing in this story is very simple and straightforward and that works because it’s all about the story itself, not how eloquently it was written. Since it had to be so brief, I think links to similar stories or data about whether or not this is a rising trend would be interesting.


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