What Works (Week 5)

Russian Sues Ex-Girlfriend for Money He Spent On Her

I found this story hilarious and relatable just from the headline. I personally feel that everyone (myself included) is becoming entirely way too petty. While I completely understand that once a relationship ends, you feel like you wasted your time, money and effort. With that being said, it’s hard to take someone serious when they behave like an angry child.

What makes this even more relatable and funny is that the girlfriend had a completely different interpretation of the situation and thought that the trip he wants compensation for was supposed to end in marriage. I really wish that the article included a video interview or photos of the couple because I want to put a face to this story.

I was surprised that a case like this made it to court and that made me interested in what other issues that are viewed as insignificant in the United States are big issues or even illegal in other countries. This story also put the world back in perspective for me. I see so many embarrassing or ridiculous things makes headlines here and it makes me feel like if I went to a different country that maybe things would be different, but this reminded me that nonsense happens everywhere. I think the potential to spark interest in another country is a positive quality this story has, it definitely made me research more about Russia.



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