What Works (Week 7)

‘The Puppy Was Stone Cold Dead’: Inside the Cruel Black Market for Designer Dogs

The headline for this story is what immediately grabbed my attention, I think that using a quote from the story was a very smart move because it’s kind of jarring so you’re drawn in from there. I also found the comparison between selling the dogs and selling drugs to be an interesting point to begin the story with as well.

The lead of the story puts you in this scene that sounds grimy and like it should be in some underworld themed story about drugs or murder but it’s about puppies.

I like that all of the photos are of puppies and I think those photos of these cute, innocent animals paired with this article about how so many of them have to suffer is really powerful. I’m not a big animal person, but I found myself feeling sad and angry while reading this article because of the photos.

I also think that it was a nice addition to the story to include an interview with a woman who lost her puppy because of these practices and had to watch her puppy suffer and eventually die.

If I were to make any changes or additions to the story, it would be to actually show the incredibly sick puppies that the article references. I think that would only add to the emotional impact the story could have.


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