What Works (Week 10)

I think that this story covers the topic of gentrification in a much more positive way and the insider’s point of view the individual stories take makes it more relatable. I think it is very easy to just talk about how poorer residents are being pushed out and leave it at that, but this story zooms in on the people that are actually experiencing the positive and negative effects of demographic changes in neighborhoods.

I was really impressed with how many people they were able to interview and how much time and thought went into this story.

The most impressive aspect of this story has to be the mulitmedia elements. To actually see the homeowners walk out of their front door and the feeling of being on MacDonough Street in the feature image really makes you feel like you’re the one in this neighborhood having conversations with these people.

The amount of information and interactivity in each story is amazing. I think that connecting the stories to one another furthered that sense of being there that I felt the story was trying to convey.

I also think that it was smart to have the linked information show up on the page. If you put this much effort into a project, you definitely don’t want people venturing off.


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