What Works (Week 12)

50 Years Ago, Truman Capote Hosted the Best Party Ever

I was initially drawn to this article just from the featured photo. I love black and white photography because you can’t rely on colors to draw the viewer in, you have to wait for the perfect moment to capture emotions and composition is even more important. I liked that they used black and white photos from that night to celebrate the anniversary.

I felt that the photos provided a nostalgic feel that worked with retelling a night of old Hollywood glamour. I enjoyed that the writer connected Capote’s party to Sean Combs’ birthday party. I also think it was interesting that this story had black and white photos and was primarily about a party in the 60s but was on the website. There were comparisons between celebrities and fame today and the way things were back then.

I found that interesting because in some instances a lot of people wouldn’t come into contact with that type of history if it wasn’t because the way media and technology has changed.

If I could change anything about this story, I would like to have seen even more photos from that night, photos like those have so much character and visual interest. I also would like to have seen a brief video of surviving guests and hear their memories directly from the source.


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