Student Finds Peace at Paris-Yates

The University of Mississippi is one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States with manicured spaces and classically designed buildings. One building in particular holds a special meaning for senior Jerry Hamer: Paris-Yates Chapel.

Hamer has had a tumultuous past year financially and academically. He has had to take on financing more of his education and supporting himself. Hamer has had to devote his entire paychecks towards bills and playing a waiting game with financial aid. Last semester, Hamer found out that he will have to spend another year at the university to retake a course and the stress and frustration has been overwhelming.

“I’m not happy about my circumstance, but I don’t have another choice,” said Hamer.

Hamer’s situation has reignited his need for his faith and reflection in order to cope with his problems. He has started visiting the chapel during times when he needs to reflect or pray about his issues.

“It’s really quiet there and it’s usually empty when I go between classes,” he said.

According to the Paris-Yates Chapel website, the chapel “provides a spiritual home on our campus where members of the Ole Miss family may seek peace, guidance, trust, and wisdom, equipping them for leadership in Mississippi and our world in the 21st century.”  This has been true for Hamer during his time of need.

“I’m thankful for my faith and this space,” he said. “I feel a lot better about my future because I had a place to figure things out.”



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